The final trailer for DC Universe‘s upcoming Swamp Thing is here – and it’s spooky. That’s likely got something to do with the executive producer, James Wan, who fans might recognize from the Aquaman movie or The Conjuring. 
This final Swamp Thing trailer tres to merge those two. In the titular character’s home base, small town Louisiana, a strange disease that’s killing the population with some sort of plant virus. It’s up to investigator Abby Arcane to figure out where it’s all coming from. Naturally, her research leads her to Dr. Alec Holland, a scientist who was investigating illegal waste disposal in the nearby swamp.
The severity of the virus seems to intensify until, at last, Swamp Thing himself makes a few appearances – although many are in the dark. This final trailer only shows our hero when he’s frightening intruders out of his lagoon. Our own Kyle Pinion had a first look at the series pilot and warns not to hold your breath for a Swampy appearance. That’s not until the second episode.
See for yourself when Swamp Thing premiers this Friday, May 31 as a DC Universe exclusive. It stars Crystal Reed, Leonardo Nam and Derek Mears as big green himself, with direction from Len Wiseman and writing from Mark Verheiden and Gary Dauberman.