If, like The Beat, you have been mourning the absence of Zainab Akhtar’s byline around here, it’s because she’s relaunched her own blog, Comics&Cola, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Zainab has her eye on the graphic novel and indie publishing scene with some of the most exciting new stuff coming out. For instance, how many comics sites noticed the announcement in the LA Times of This One Summer, a new book by Mariko and Jillian Tamaki, whose previous book was the acclaimed Skim. It will be out in May 2014 from First Second. (Geez, they are really becoming the powerhouse aren’t they?) That’s good news, folks.


Another favorite piece of mine is this profile of the Swedish micro publisher Peow Studios!. Their stuff looks amazing.

Anyway, so much good stuff coming out now, and Zainab is there to tell you about it. Bookmark!

Oh while I’m at it, please also bookmark our own Steve Morris’s Comics Vanguard because he’s doing terrific coverage there as well, such as this discussion of comics sell outs.


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