HOW has no one ever thought of this before? Putting William Shatner and Adam West—the two most mellifluous, self mocking and endearing of legendary nerdlebrities—together on stage:

It was “The Shat” and “The Bat” for the first time ever on a stage together Friday night at the Salt Lake Comic Con, and their presence was enough to make every geek’s brain in the room explode.

William Shatner, aka Capt. James T. Kirk from the original “Star Trek,” and Adam West, who played the Caped Crusader in the 1960s cult television show “Batman,” sat down for the history-making event at the Salt Palace Convention Center, swapping stories about their start in Hollywood and their individual journeys to become pop culture icons. The one-hour event, which cost conventiongoers an additional $50 to $500 per ticket, was held on the convention’s main stage and drew hundreds of fans.

Who wouldn’t have paid $500 for this event?

We’ve been suggesting for over a decade that someone should put this duo together in a TV movie as old time detectives on one last case…who wouldn’t enjoy hearing them attempt to prove who has the bigger diction? Frankly, we’re shocked that it took the SLC con to finally put this dream team together.

It is not, though, the first time the two worked together. In their strapping youth, West and Shatner were both in an Alexander the Great tv project that never got off the ground, but this did not provide the interplay that this autumnal event did.

At the SLC event Shatner, 82 and West, 84, joked and riffed on everything from hip replacement surgeries to that long ago pilot. And Shatner ended trying to get West to agree to appear with him on the Big Bang Theory—it’s not the venue we’d pick, but someone needs to make this happen while it still can.


  1. You’re not done yet with the William Shatner news:

    He’s also a special guest vocalist for three shows next month in the LA and Orange county area on stage with ex-members of Yes in support of his new album entitled “Ponder the Mystery”.



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