Brian Michael Bendis is a comics writer who likes to tease fans not just within the comics pages but on his personal social media by revealing art from upcoming issues. Between the hints of a major event storyline in this week’s Action Comics #1003, Bendis posted Ryan Sook art from Action Comics #1005 on his Instagram featuring fan favorite Ditko creation the Question.

Readers will recall a radically revamped version of the Question was introduced in the New 52 involving magic as part of the “Trinity of Sin” group while Vic Sage (Question’s civilian identity) was featured as a separate character as a government agent in the pages of of the Suicide Squad. Unless I’m mistaken, I believe this is the first major appearance of the Question since DC’s Rebirth initiative.

Bendis seems to be returning the Question to his more traditional investigative journalism roots, which makes sense given the writer’s own penchant for crime and mystery thrillers. Already in Action Comics #1002 featured classic Kirby creation Guardian, so Bendis is clearly having fun playing in the DC Comics sandbox.

Could the Question perhaps be playing an important role in this larger Action Comics storyline beginning in issue #1007?


  1. Yeah, if they want to fix the mistakes of Nu52 they need to bring back Renee instead of resurrecting Vic.

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