Bear Walker has previously designed skateboards featuring all of the Eevee evolutions and fan-favorites like Gyrados and Mew, but the sixth collaboration between Bear Walker Industries and the Pokémon Center will take you back to where it all began: choosing between the three Pokémon Partner options offered by Professor Oak in Pallet Town!

Available exclusively from the Pokémon Center, the official press release notes each limited edition board is “crafted from a custom maple plywood, made exclusively for Bear Walker boards, and includes a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity.”

The Beat got the chance to catch up with Walker over email to find out more about designing the Pokémon Partner Series, to learn why Cubone was included alongside the “original three,” and to ask which Pokémon would be best at skateboarding!

AVERY KAPLAN: Where did you turn for inspiration for the poses and backgrounds of the four Pokémon featured in this series?

BEAR WALKER: I wanted the designs for these to show each character’s personality, while also tying together well as a set. As someone who grew up in the 90’s, Pokémon was everything, and everyone’s first experience with Pokémon was choosing a Kanto Starter. I feel like fans will have a nostalgic connection to these boards, and I wanted to make sure the designs represented the fun and excitement that came with choosing your starter.

Pokémon Starter Series collab

KAPLAN: Is there a reason Cubone is your favorite Pokémon?

WALKER: I was very into paleontology and Jurassic Park as a kid, so the skull was a natural draw for me. But then when you dive into the character, there are a bunch of lore and legends around its origins, which I thought was really cool.

KAPLAN: Is there any particular Pokémon you hope to design a skateboard for in the future?

WALKER: I would love to do a Mewtwo Clone set one day. All the characters having the ‘tribal-esque’ tattoos, and the story that’s behind it.

KAPLAN: In your opinion, which Pokémon would be the best at skateboarding?

WALKER: The Surfing Pikachu of course haha.

Which Pokémon do you hope to see in a future Bear Walker Industries x Pokémon Center collab? Which of the four choices in the Pokémon Partner Series is your favorite? Let The Beat know, here in the comment section or over on social media @comicsbeat.