Via Major Spoilers, the explanation of how, at least in Kevin Smith’s world, Batman sometimes pees his pants when things get a little too hectic.

UPDATE: This was actually “broken”, so to speak, on Comics Alliance, which adds WIDENING GYRE #6 to the rapidly-expanding list of “Worst DC Comics Ever.”


  1. The issue also fridged another female character for cheap effect, but that’s getting repetitive for both Smith and the publisher.

  2. The Beat
    07/30/2010 AT 6:07 PM
    Jesus you people need everything spelled out!!!!! Batman pee’d his pants!!!!

    Yea but I need to know the how’s and why’s. It’s all about context. The context of Batman pissing himself.

  3. It appears to be a retcon – the missing panel shows that Batman wet himself at a crucial moment in Batman: Year One.

  4. What? is Kevin Smith 13 years old? This is embarrassing, for Batman, DC Comics and the editor of this book. I’m disgusted at how the people placed in charge of such characters are treating them. Grow up.

  5. “What? is Kevin Smith 13 years old?”

    Um, have you heard of Kevin Smith before?

    (Spelling it out)

    All of his stuff is like this. Hell, he had Poison Ivy masturbate in front of Batman earlier in the series. This was a step up.

    The really sad thing is, that if you take out the sex and potty jokes from the series, it’s really good. (Except for the part at the end of part 6 of 6 that says “End of Part 1.” That’s just mean.)

  6. Wait, are you saying that at the end of THE KILLING JOKE, when Batman is laughing he’s also pissing himself? Maybe that’ll be revealed in the next Kevin Smith comic.

    Hell, why not weave it all throughout Batman history. Young Bruce wet himself when his parents were shot. Then again when he made his vow at their grave. And when that bat flew through his window, he realized that dressing up like a bat would make superstitious cowardly criminals pee in their pants, like he just did…

  7. Kevin ‘Fanboy’ Smith’s fifteen minutes were up fifteen years ago.

    Because this is what happens when you stay well past your time: you crank out crap, piss on the characters and ultimately piss on yourself… because this is more of a reflection on Kevin Smith and DC management than it is of Batman.

    Time to get off the plane, Kevin.

  8. I gave up on Kevin Smith’s comics when in the first issue of this awful Bat mini, IIRC the Joker bent over and offered someone to sodomize him…