DC’s collaborations with Webtoon are coming to print. Batman: Wayne Family Adventures, Vixen: NYC and Zatanna & the Ripper will all be collected later this year, it was announced this morning on DC.com. All three strips have been running on the WEBTOON platform.

Batman: Wayne Family Adventures Vol. 1 and Vixen: NYC Vol. 1 hit shelves in August, and Zatanna & The Ripper Vol. 1 lands in October.

DC’s partnership with WEBTOON launched back in September 2021 with Wayne Family Adventures, by CRC Payne and Starbite, which seems to have been a hit, with 76 million views thus far. The Batman cast’s interpersonal drama and humor adapted well to the WEBTOON format, and garnered an Eisner nomination. Vixen: NYC from Jasmine Walls and Manou Azumi launched in May 2022 with the adventures of animal-powered college freshman Mari Jiwe. And the Zatanna series, from Sarah Dealy and Syro, finds the magical lass back in 1888 London tracking, you guessed it, a serial killer.

It’s certainly been a way to get DC’s characters in front of the youthful WEBTOON audience – and now the program is expanding to reach those who like to turn pages.

“Fans can’t get enough of our DC and WEBTOON content,” said Anne DePies, DC’s senior vice president and general manager in a statement, “and expanding DC’s creative partnership with WEBTOON into print with books like Batman: Wayne Family Adventures reflects this demand. Each page of these new volumes is meticulously reproduced to be read seamlessly in book narrative format.”

“We’re immensely proud of the stories we’ve been able to tell with DC and thrilled to bring these narratives to bookshelves,” said David Lee, VP of content at WEBTOON. “The creative teams behind these series have given fans fresh takes on legendary DC characters, and we’re excited to give WEBTOON and DC fans a new way to enjoy these titles.”

Batman: Wayne Family Adventures Vol. 1 (9781779523273, $14.99 US) publishes on August 1 and collects episodes 1 through 25; Vixen: NYC Vol. 1 (9781779523280, $14.99 US) publishes on August 15 and collects episodes 1 through 9; and Zatanna & the Ripper Vol. 1 (9781779523389, $14.99 US) publishes on October 3 and collects episodes 1 through 11.