A fire broke out on NYC’s St. Marks St. this morning, in the same building as St. Marks Comics:

The fire occurred in the basement of the five-story building that houses St. Marks Comics, as well as a back and foot rub and acupuncture studio. A witness said the FDNY had to knock through the wall of St. Marks Comics to reach the fire’s source. There are no reported injuries. Let’s hope all the Silver Surfers and Wonder Womans are safe, too!

St. Marks Comics tweeted:

The restaurant next door had an electrical fire today, and we will be working through the afternoon to try to reopen tonight. Everyone here is fine, and we would like to thank everyone for their kind wishes. We look forward to serving you as soon as possible.

One person sustained injuries in the fire.

St. Marks is one of the city’s longest-running comics shops, and a well-known stop for East Village hipsters back when there were hipsters in the East Village. Best wishes to owner Mitch Cutler and company for a speedy reopening.


  1. Do they still have the back room that’s packed with long boxes full of back issues?

    Long boxes where its impossible to pull anything out of, its packed so tightly?

    And where an employee watches you like a hawk, thinking you’re going to STEAL something?!?

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