Bandette creators Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover had a great time at the Eisners, winning the Eisner for Best Digital Comic. And to celebrate, another edition of their Bandette: Urchin Stories series has been made available online for free. Drawn by Erika Moen, you can find the two-page story here. This series stands alongside the main series, focusing on a whole cast of characters and how Bandette has influenced them.


Focusing on a new member of Bandette’s team, called The Urchins, the story follows Belda as she grows up and learns the ways of pickpocketing. And, uh, webcamming. This is the eighth free two-page story which has been released by Monkeybrain so far, with Tobin handling the writing for each one, and a whole range of brilliant artists – from Moen to Rich Ellis and Steve Lieber – on art.

You can find them all here.