Baltimore Comic-Con was held this weekend, one of the friendliest, funnest weekends of the year for comic cons. The social media coming out of this year’s event shows 2018 was no exception. I’ve spent many happy hours at the show, but unfortunately, with the compressed con schedule now, it ended up being held the weekend before NYCC and for me that was a no go. Like many people, I’m just about conned out, and my parts are starting to break.

Next year, it’s moving to a later date, October 18-20, which might be the week AFTER NYCC, or two weeks after. In years past, Baltimore has bounced around the con schedule, with dates in August and September the norm. I think – but I’m not sure – this is the latest its been held?[0]=68.ARCGZQgcgwIeq14qCPitJcBSDP4ajLkZe8VJAq8E98lz1qYYRMd1FMQSgbCdH0z5oKvnNWeQLjhkmy02SsRLyiygoRPqywN18ySuJGvfXkXtNhNkeKIOxQDl_9rpIrIO9UcYkX96uMYeHMZ14pJfVdCQaVKNtsSU4V3HehwGOtQML6ex78hqZA&tn=-R

As I’ve explained here in interviews with other show runners, comics events are usually at the mercy of the venue for their dates, as they don’t draw enough out of town attendees to make a dint in hotel room nights, which is how Convention bureaus – which books convention centers – base the priority for picking dates.

The last month has been particularly brutal with SPX, Thought Bubble and CXC back to back, and Keystone, Baltimore, Long Beach, Fandemic and a few Wizard World’s thrown in there, with NYCC looming. I’ve got to imagine everyone is as wiped out as I am by now.

Baltimore is a great show, spoken of fondly by fans and pros alike, and hopefully a fall schedule will help it maintain its place in the con year.