Tickets for the Baltimore Comic-Con art auction in aid of the Hero Initiative are now available. 37 pieces of original art from the likes of Eric Powell, Lee Bermejo, Don Rosa, Gary Frank, Gene Ha, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez and more will be going under the hammer to raise funds for creators in need. The live auction will take place 5PM (ET) Saturday September 9 in Room 339-342, Baltimore Convention Center. Proxy bids for those unable to attend can be sent in by no later than 11PM (ET) August 31.

The Hero Initiative is a non-profit dedicated to helping creators through tough times. Formerly called A Commitment to Our Roots (ACTOR), the Hero Initiative has been tirelessly working to help those creators who have had so much impact to our lives and imaginations when all other avenues of assistance fail.

A gallery of biddable work can be viewed here (note that as of writing only twenty-nine are viewable, for now). 

The Baltimore Comic-Con press release in full:

“Hero Initiative, the charity that helps comic book creators in medical or financial need, will be the beneficiary of an incredible original art auction at the Baltimore Comic-Con, which will be held over the weekend of September 8-10, 2023 at the Baltimore Convention Center. The auction will be administered by well-known art expert Scott Dunbier. Tickets can be purchased online now.

“Artists whose work will be in the auction include Berkeley Breathed, John Byrne, Gene Ha, Kelley Jones, Shawn McManus, Kevin Nowlan, Walter Simonson, JK Woodward, Bill Wray, and more.

“Art will be available for viewing both at the Baltimore Comic-Con, and at Hero Initiative’s website. In addition to bidding at the auction, advance proxy bidding will also be available via Hero’s website with a strict deadline of August 31, 2023. Hero will begin accepting bids on August 21. NOTE: The website will be updated continuously as more art arrives.

“The live auction will take place Saturday, September 9 at 5pm, upstairs in Room 339-342 at the Baltimore Comic-Con.

“Scott Dunbier, VP of Special Projects at IDW Publishing, will be at the Hero Initiative booths for the entire show. He will be scanning art for future Artist’s Edition books, so feel free to bring along pages and covers. If he uses your art, you will be thanked in the book and receive a comp copy.”

Below are a few examples of work that will be available at September’s auction:

Hero Initiative
Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez Superman
Hero Initiative
Gary Frank page from Junkyard Joe #5
Don Rosa Uncle Scrooge
Pages of Parker by Darwyn Cooke 
Lee Bermejo Hellboy
Berkeley Breathed Bloom County strip