As I pointed out last week, the limited amount of (and somewhat lackluster) Baby Yoda merchandise available for the holiday season isn’t a complete surprise, given production restrictions within the time the breakout star of The Mandalorian took over the hearts and minds of the internet. After a cryptic tweet over the Thanksgiving Day weekend, the wait is over. Sure they won’t be available to put under the Christmas tree, but Baby Yoda Funko figures are indeed coming.

After leaked images made their way onto the internet over the weekend, Funko has released the official images and details for “The Child.”

Coming Soon: Pop! Star Wars™: The Mandalorian —The Child
Embrace the cuteness of the newest Star Wars character by pre-ordering Funko’s “the Child” Pop! in both standard size AND a near-lifesize 10-inch version! He may look like a Baby Yoda, but this lovable creature is referred to as “the Child.”

Inspired by the Disney+ live action series The Mandalorian, this adorable little alien is a perfect addition to your POP collection. Always at the forefront of pop culture, Funko is excited to announce the item will be available for shipment in early Spring with additional details to come.

Baby Yoda Funko

Funko revealed the initial wave of Mandalorian figures back in September. After the release of episode 4 “Sanctuary” I’m willing to bet there’s a lot more interest in former Rebel Shock Trooper Cara Dune now. With each new episode, not only are more variant Baby Yoda figures made possible, but also characters. Baby Yoda sipping broth has already become a viral meme over the weekend, so I’d be shocked if Funko isn’t already working on that figure as we speak. And of course, Funko would be fools not to capitalize on Baby Yoda eating a frog. Besides a catchy Parry Gripp song, Baby Yoda floating in a pod is tailor made for the Funko Pop Rides line.


Personally, I’m still waiting for the inevitable Baby Yoda plush.


Wish granted, because apparently through the Disney Store a Baby Yoda plush is now available for pre-order. See that it’s limited 1 per guest. Eat your heart out Malibu Stacy!