Square Enix released its latest trailer for the upcoming Avengers game developed by Crystal Dynamics. In addition to offering further details about Kamala Khan (aka Ms. Marvel’s) role in the story and the genesis of the Inhumans, the video revealed that anyone who pre-orders the title will receive beta access.

Square Enix is encouraging gamers to plop down $60 so they can play an early version of the title ahead of its September 4 release. No dates were offered, but the PlayStation 4 owners will receive access to the beta ahead of people playing on Xbox and PC.

Remember, though, that Marvel’s Avengers is a live service game with an emphasis on online co-op. Historically, live service titles tend to feel unfinished at launch and improve over time. Players should expect the beta to be in even rougher shape, especially based on what we’ve seen of the game. Know what you’re getting into before pre-ordering the title.