Okay so Sally Field has been cast as Aunt May. Hiring a bone density spokeswoman to play a frail old biddy who was always clutching her heart is puzzling, but hey, it’s the 21st century.
Martin Sheen has been hired to play Uncle Ben. He can gasp a mantra with the best of them.


And that leaves Rhys Ifan as the Lizard!


And adorable Emma Stone, who was obviously born to play Mary Jane Watson, will play Gwen Stacy. Since they already did the 59th Street bridge thing in Spider-Raimi 1, will Gwen live to love another day?


And as we all know, this time Peter Parker will be a failed internet entrepreneur.


  1. I thought it was pretty obvious that she’ll be playing the younger/feistier ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ version of Aunt May.

  2. They can keep it. None of my money will go to “Twilight” Spider-Man. I mean, doesn’t anybody see the comparison of their character and Robert Pattinson? I’m tired of reboots anyway.