To celebrate Nikola Tesla’s birthday yesterday, the team behind Atomic Robo – Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegenerhave launched their new Kickstarter early. Already, they’ve tripled their goal of £7500 and we’ve still got 29 days to go!

This is essentially a Kickstarter to create a merchandise strand based around the character, who has been appearing in comics since 2007. As Clevinger explains:

Folks have been asking us to make shirts or buttons or prints for years, but all of those take time and money. We make comics, so we don’t have either. Therefore: Kickstarter! But why leverage the awesome might of crowd funding just to make a bunch of buttons or posters or shirts, right?


This is more than just a way to fund and create merchandise, however – Clevinger also announces that he’s writing a Tesladyne Field Guide book, which will be the heart of the Kickstarter. A handbook detailing the duties and topics all members of their Tesladyne agency should be aware of, this is an in-production piece of work. The image below isn’t the final design, just a first draft:


It’s a very impressive looking Kickstarter indeed, filled with bits and pieces and funny in and of itself. I’d definitely recommend taking a look, and pledging! Just take a look at this final reward level:



  1. Uh…I might put money toward something like this if I’m sharing in the merchandising profits. Otherwise, why would anyone straight up donate money for another guy’s merchandising that only he profits from?

    I like Kickstarter better when it’s used for creative endeavors like comics, books, and video games or innovative/cool tech like the Oculus Rift. This is just kind of shady.

    Also, you accidentally posted the goal with the Euro symbol instead of a USD sign.

  2. how is this shady? theyre selling actual merch and a new creative endeavor – the book – and are just asking for money for the stuff up front. its the same way you buy computers that havent yet been assembled yet. you pay them the money first and then they put together your bill of goods and ship them off to you. rather than taking orders and get paid COD.

    no one is straight up donating anything.

  3. Plus, if Johnny actually bothered to read the Kickstarter page, they say more than once that this is likely the only time a lot of this stuff is ever going to be birthed into existence. If it helps your hipster cred any, you should think of it as purchasing super-duper-limited edition stuff.

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