The convention scene is a fickle thing. Fans today are smart enough to see through the facade of new shows springing up which turn out to be a flea market hosted by a D-list celebrity.  One new company is set to prove the industry of fan experience still has room to grow by bringing decades of quality convention planning and production experience to the table.

Atomic Crush Events is an event management and consulting agency conceived by industry veteran, Mike Scigliano. With nearly 20 years of experience in the trade of pop culture, his history includes DC Comics, Wizard World, C2E2’s launch, along with the success of both Long Beach Comic Expo and Long Beach Comic Con through MAD Event Management.

In addition to Scigliano, ACE founding members include industry versed Gabe Fieramosco, James Ross and Drew Seldin. Fieramosco, has been part of the production team for Wizard World, Long Beach Comic Con, Long Beach Comic Expo and the launch of New Jersey Comic Expo.  Little known to fans, but Fieramosco is one of the pioneers of incorporating Cosplay in comic conventions on a notable scale with the inclusion of the “Cosplay Corner” as part of convention marquees. Ross, started in the event industry over 20 years ago, adds his sales and operations expertise to the mix at ACE. Seldin, brings his extensive public relations and business background to Atomic Crush Events.   Seldin, formerly co-owner of gaming collectible company, Triforce has over 15 years of experience working with top talent and companies in entertainment, conventions, and publicity events.

Here’s the official note from Atomic Crush Events press release today:

ACE will be offering a wide variety of services from consulting to full staffing and coordination for individuals or organizations looking to put on events or conventions. The ACE team brings with it expertise in Budget Control, Contract Negotiation, Floor Management, Guest Procurement, Marketing, On-site Management, Operations, Pre-production, Programming, Social Media Management, Sales, Security and Staffing. In addition to the core planning ACE can provide clients with additional assistance with Audio Visual, Graphic Design, Photography & Videography, Product Development, Public Relations, Website Development and much more.

As someone who has lived in Long Beach, California for more than two decades now; I’ve seen first hand the contribution Scigliano and company have made to my city. We’re often the forgotten stepchild of the Hollywood/Los Angeles mega market. Over the course of a decade, Long Beach’s growing art scene became eclipsed by a new geek city where comics is good business and the entertainment industry sees value in us as a segment of tastemaker research. After my own years covering and planning for conventions all over the country, I’ve seen good shows rise and quick-dollar turnkey cons fall. The difference is having the experience of an ACE. In the founder’s own words, “Putting together a successful event requires maximum effort if you expect a strong result…I wanted to bring together a group that could help both novices and experienced organizers plan, produce and execute high-quality events for attendees, exhibitors and guests alike.”

Of course, a company that manages events should have something to call their own and ACE is no exception. Fans looking for the comics experience should expect to hear details soon as in next week soon. You can find out more information on the company’s website and keep up with news on all the events through their social medias.



  1. I understand one beach is good put up the New Jersey Expo is any indication things are not looking up. After 2 years it is a poor show in an unpopular location with lackluster crowds and very little spending

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