Following positive reception to a (SPOILERRRRRRR) cameo in Black Adam, Henry Cavill made it IG official: He’s putting on Superman’s cape again!

“I wanted to make it official: I am back as Superman and the images in the post and what you saw in Black Adam is just a very small taste of what is to come,” he told fans with a demeanor of dewy eyed sincerity. He went on to thank fans for their support and patience.

As hard as it is to believe, it has been nine years since there was a solo Superman film, 2013’s Man of Steel. Since then Cavill appeared in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and Justice League (2017), both highly controversial works that caused more problems than they solved. Cavill, now 39, has remained steadfast, swole and handsome, and given that he was pretty much the perfect Superman for a decade ago and is still pretty much perfect, it’s a shock that it took this long to confirm his return. But it was still dicey – Walter Hamada, the now departed head of DC films, originally shot down the Black Adam cameo until Dwayne Johnson himself went over his head to get it okayed.

As previously reported, with the studio rebuilding, current DC studio execs are anxious to get Cavill back on screen as Superman. THR reports that a new movie is only in the planning stages, however.

Though there are no writers or director attached, the intention is for Cavill to star in at least one solo Superman movie, his first since 2013’s Man of Steel. Other movie appearances could potentially follow as DC Films gets an overhaul under new Warners film bosses Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy.

The Instagram video had been in the works for weeks, with the timing eyed for after Black Adam’s opening weekend, when a good chunk of the audience would see his return. The timing also protected the movie’s theatrical experience.

Speaking of Black Adam, it opened at $67 million,  which is considered a success and is the biggest solo opening of Johnson’s career. Although critics and audiences were divided on its quality (and so is my social media feed of comics industry insiders) it seems to be a decent kick off for the newest phase of Warner’s endless reboot of the DCEU. Although my socials were also filled with wags wondering how Sn•der cultists would react to a Superman films without that director attached.

More to come at any rate – up up and away!


  1. I just want them to not let Snyder anywhere near it. I’m not a hater, I didn’t mind the director’s cut of BvS, and the Snyder Cut was okay too. But I really just don’t think he understands what makes Superman great AT ALL. He’s not even human, and his humanity is his greatest superpower. He’s Clark Kent first, a farm boy, John and Martha’s son. Not SUPERMAN. If they’re going the direction of an adaptation, I think “Superman for All Seasons” is both the right flavor and would be incredibly cinematic.

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