Oh yeah while we’re announcing new comics teams, Laura Braga, the very talented Italian artist, is the new artist on WITCHBLADE as of issue #170. She joins writer Ron Marz and colorist/editor Betsy Gonia on the book, meaning the book will be 2/3s people not named Ron.

You may be amazed to know WITCHBLADE—the story of cop Sara Pezzini and her magical sword (which also, to be fair, removes her clothing)—is up to issue #170. I can’t even guess how many of those issues Ron Marz has written, but it’s one of comics’ longest running continuing series by now.

Braga previously drew CYBERFORCE and many European comics after collaborating with Milo Manara early in her career. It will come as no surprise that Braga also likes drawing the lovely ladies, which makes her a natural for WITCHBLADE.

This is a page of her CYBERFORCE work.




  1. Magical sword? Sadly, no. You would think that with a name like “The Witchblade,” the Witchblade would actually be a sword, but no, it isn’t — technically speaking, its base form is currently an amulet and before it bonded with Pez, it was a gauntlet. Although the user of the Witchblade *can* create a sword, the Witchblade is more like a half-organic/half-metallic version of the Venom symbiote that grows out of the form of the Witchblade amulet. Minus Venom’s joyful interest in killing everything.

    Holy crap, I just realized that I’m more of a fan of Witchblade than I thought I was.

  2. And, because there’s no ability to edit posts here, I just thought I’d also add to make it more clear: the Witchblade isn’t a sword, it’s a suit of armor that’s kindasorta alive-ish.

  3. For the record, I don’t think Braga’s style fits well with Witchblade, I’d prefer a less realism and more expressive style. Also Ron is a cool guy but I’d rather have a new writer if we have to replace Tim so soon.

    Still, Witchblade is a great title, check it out folks, from the beginning even.

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