At this past weekend’s C2E2, Marvel made a slew of exclusive announcements at the opening retailer breakfast that have since leaked to the public. One such announcement, which Marvel officially announced today, was of a new miniseries by writer Mark Waid and artists Javier Rodriguez and Álvaro López titled The History of the Marvel Universe. Details on the series are still relatively scarce, but after Marvel made the announcement Rodriguez took to social media to share some pages from the project, and they are epic:

“This July,” Rodriguez wrote, “Mark Waid, Álvaro López, and yours truly will [sic] gonna show you the History of the Marvel Universe.”
The seven shared pages feature scenes spanning galaxies and millenia, with characters like the Silver Surfer, Odin, the Celestials, the Living Tribunal, the Rawhide Kid, Wolverine, and the Phoenix of 1,000,000 BC all making appearances. Rodriguez and López are fresh off the twelve-issue run of the recent Exiles series, where they got to imagine at least one brand-new alternate reality in every issue. Giving them the entirety of the Marvel Universe—past, present, and future—to work with the next logical step.
Intentional or not, these pages remind me of the look of 1986’s The History of the DC Universe by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez, which featured a series of tableaus of important characters and moments from throughout the DCU (which had just recently been rewritten as a result of Crisis on Infinite Earths).
Check out larger versions of the shared pages below. The History of the Marvel Universe is scheduled for release in July.


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