Two famous faces from the MCU leaked on-set videos from Avengers: Endgame  this week despite the movie’s “NO RECORDING” rule. Both Elizabeth Olsen aka Scarlet Witch and Chris Pratt of Starlord fame posted videos to their Instagram featuring the star-studded cast on a set of wreckage against a green screen. As they’re filming, various co-stars like Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans playfully warn them that they are breaking the rules.

Many cast members have stated that anything about the film was carefully protected, with some actors not even getting the full script due to past accidental spoiler leaks (Tom Holland, Mark Ruffalo, we’re looking at you). The Russo brothers also publicly pleaded with fans to keep Avengers: Endgame spoilers hush-hush so no one’s experience is ruined.
One might argue Olsen and Pratt both filmed their footage in secret and by posting after the movie opened, they didn’t break any rules. I doubt it; it’s obvious they weren’t hiding their indiscretion. Maybe they were warned not to post anything until after opening weekend, or they pinky swore it was for personal use only.
In their defense, there isn’t anything too spoiler-ish in the footage. Most of the actors are in casual clothing and hanging out while others are blocking out the scene. I’m curious if others also filmed some behind the scenes moments that we’ll get to see over the coming weeks.
Spoiler culture is a real thing these days. While some people innocently ruin the ending with their big mouths, others get a weird sort of joy from taking the surprise out of a film or television episode. You can dodge social media for a few days, but when someone blows the movie for you as you wait on line, it’s obviously on purpose, which is something I’ll never understand.
It’s okay to watch Olsen and Pratt’s videos. They aren’t ruining Avengers: Endgame for you, but I understand the knee-jerk reaction to assume there are spoilers considering how others have behaved. And I highly doubt either actor is in hot water for their on-set amateur filmmaking. If Ruffalo and Holland still have jobs in the MCU, these two are fine.


  1. There will never be another “moment like that”, unless the MCU has plans for another “moment like that” in the works! I personally wouldn’t post, (that’s my thing), but who wouldn’t want to have a keepsake of that moment! I don’t blame them! They didn’t post until after the movie. Let them have that moment. Like I said, It will probably never happen again…..

  2. Tarantino doesn’t allow cellphones on his sets. And he’s good at ridiculing/humiliating people who break that rule.

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