Archie Occupy Riverdale Cover copy.jpg
You gotta hand it to Archie Comics. They are completely staying on top of current trends and even controversies. If it isn’t the lighter side of gay marriage and interracial dating, it’s now income inequality and the Occupy Movement, as shown by this awesome Jill Thompson variant cover. Not that this comic will necessarily deliver a sharp critique of Keynesian models vs the Austrian School…by now “Occupy anything” is just another buzzword. But it is definitely today’s buzzword.

If Marvel were smart, the Occupy movement would be the underpinning for AvX. For reals. CIVIL WAR and SECRET INVASION —and the Death of Captain America—played on the politics and zeitgeist of the time. Even genre fiction can have a subtext.

The story will be written by Alex Segura with art by Gisele Legace.


  1. And the thing that stuck out to me¿ Look at how awesome Jughead looks. Mr. Lodge also looks awesome.
    Veronica and Betty look…..somewhat bland.

    If the comic looks like this, I’m thinking of getting it.

  2. Yeah, if that really is Betty and Veronice, then they are completely off model. But I do like Thompson and all of her work so far.

  3. Well, I’ve always liked Archie Comics for their accessiblity and actually reaching out to younger readers, but I can’t justify supporting them while boycotting Marvel & DC for creator rights violations knowing that Archie is just as bad.

    (if I’m wrong about this, please let me know)

  4. LOVE LOVE this cover. Wish Jill Thompson was doing the whole thing, but I’m excited to see what it looks like nonetheless.

  5. jacob lyon goddard, I think you’re boycotting for the wrong reason . You shouldn’t boycott Marvel and DC for copyright violations because they haven’t taken anyone’s rights away as far as I know. Most creators signed ownership of their work away.

    If you’re going to boycott the Big Two, boycott them for bad management,bad comics, or helping fostering an insular culture around comics that keeps n00bs out.