archie-app-2-jpg.jpg It must be digital Thursday as the news is flying fast and furious. Archie has also announced it’s own new digital initiative, called, Archie Comics Reader, a new standalone iOS app, designed by Madefire, that offers two reading experiences: buying individual issue or an all-you-can-eat streaming Archie Unlimited option. The app is spearheaded by Archie’s vp of Digital Ron Perazza:

The app will also offer access to digital-only material. Perazza again, “Original digital content allows us to really get creative with different presentations and story combinations that appeal to very specific audiences. One of the best-kept secrets about Archie’s digital publishing program is that we’ve been creating original, digital content for years. We have a series of themed collections that have just been rebranded ‘Pep Digital’ and contain books like 50 Magical Stories about Sabrina The Teenaged Witch, Archie Through Time, or even the complete Cosmo the Merry Martian.” The company’s CEO Jon Goldwater also hastens to add that this isn’t the first time the iconic redheaded teenager has crossed the digital divide. “A lot of people forget we were the first comic book company to go day and date with our books – meaning we provided the titles to comic shops, bookstores and digital simultaneously. That’s proof positive that Archie has always been invested in the digital space, long before our competitors realized its value,” Goldwater told the site. “Archie has always strived to expand our presence, not limit it – we want our books available to everyone however they choose to consume them, from comic shops to bookstores to newsstands to apps to streaming.”

Archie formerly had its own standalone app via iVerse before the Amazon deal mostly but the kibosh on those. Madefire has picked up some of the slack with its own line of standalone apps that don’t call into the uncanny valley of selling to Amazon via Apple apps, something Amazon doesn’t allow. The platform has launched for iOS but Android is on its way.


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