A letter from Ambrosia publisher Wesley Craig Green, stating that he is canceling all contracts with his creators, is going around creative circles. Ambrosia Publishing has been around since 2007 and has published primarily webcomics, although POD versions of their material were available at the web store as well. Titles include such things as CLOCKWORK CREATURE by Kyle Strahm, and Green’s own BEFORE DAWN.

According to the letter, Green’s personal difficulties were taking too much attention away from running a publishing company, and all contracts with Ambrosia are now null and void, with creators free to shop their projects at any other publisher.


  1. Just a little clarification here: first, Ambrosia Publishing hasn’t “bit the dust” as Heidi so eloquently put it. I am, more or less, putting the company on hiatus while I tend to some personal matters involving my family. It will be back at some point in the future but in a different format.

    Because of this, I don’t feel it’s right to those creators who took a chance on me to keep their books from reaching their full potential while I did this. Hence, they are free now to, hopefully, take their books to another publisher.

    Interested publishers can check out each book’s web comic out via the links below:
    Clockwork Creature by Kyle Strahm: http://clockworkcreature.ambrosiapublishing.com
    Smuggling Spirits by Ben Fisher and Mike Henderson: http://smugglingspirits.ambrosiapublishing.com
    Atheist by Moon Lee: http://atheist.ambrosiapublishing.com
    Roasters by Jason Asala: http://roasters.ambrosiapublishing.com

    If any publisher is interested in contacting these creators, just let me know and I’ll gladly pass along their contact info.

    Thanks to those who took a chance on Ambrosia Publishing.

    Wesley Craig Green

  2. Just wanted to say “Thanks” to Troy and everyone else who has contacted me regarding this decision. If anything positive comes out of this, it’s that the creators find a new home for their babies. And thanks for changing the title, Heidi. I do appreciate it.