Vault Comics dropped another two names, continuing their creator teaser campaign as we get closer to 2021. This time, writer Christopher Cantwell and artist Adam Gorham are paired up for another yet-to-be-announced title for next year.

Cantwell has recently been working on Iron Man, with past credits including a well-received Doctor Doom run and various titles for Dark Horse. He’s also credited as co-showrunner for Paper Girls and Halt And Catch Fire.

As for Gorham, the artist has been working with Vault for some time, mainly offering up gorgeous variant covers for titles like No One’s Rose, Bleed Them Dry, and Giga. Gorham has also done covers for Archie, Boom!, IDW, Valiant, and more, and his work can be seen in books such as Punk Mambo, New Mutants: Dead Souls, and The Violent.

Visit Vault’s website for more and keep checking back to see what exciting titles the publisher and their creators have in store for next year.