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Five Days of Valentines supplemental:

Jeffrey Brown’s two Star Wars cartoon books—Darth Vader and Son, and Vader’s Little Princess—have been huge sellers so to no one’s surprise a third book is coming out, called Goodnight Darth Vader. The cover has just been revealed, above. Like the first two it’s a surprisingly touching use of the Star Wars iconography to explore themes of parenthood and childhood.

Unlike the first two, it’s a bit of a narrative in the form of a bedtime story that Vader is telling to Luke and Leia—but it’s the same size and format. (BTW, I talked to Brown about his Star Wars books on the More to Come podcast here.)

The book will be released by Chronicle at Comic-Con. To keep you busy until then here are some Jeffrey Brown Star Wars Valentines. If you are not in love right now you better find someone right quick so you can give them one of these Valentines!!!
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