This year, Gen Con had its share of announcements that appeal not only to players of tabletop and card games but fans of some of the world’s most popular franchises. Check out four of the biggest announcements from Gen Con 2019.

The reveal of Cyberpunk 2077 – Afterlife: The Card Game

Following the release of the highly anticipated video game, Cmon will publish a card game set in the world of Cyberpunk 2077. The listing states:

The game thrusts players into the dark alleyways of Night City, where ruthless gangs clash with corporations in an endless war for money, power, and control.

In Cyberpunk 2077: Afterlife, players become Fixers, the data brokers and masterminds in Night City that recruit cyberpunks, equip them with gear, and send them out on missions. But nothing’s free in Night City. Players need to balance between what they want and what they can actually afford. Using an innovative drafting mechanic and special dashboard, players must decide which cards they want to buy, and which to sacrifice for funds in order to purchase new ones.

Each successful mission raises the player’s Street Cred, with mission survivors becoming Veterans, imparting their knowledge and experience to newer recruits. In this chrome-infused world, Street Cred is the only currency that truly matters.

Though it won’t star Keanu Reeves, this looks like a great way for fans of the CD Projekt Red title to extend their adventures in the neo-noir world.

The launch of Pathfinder Second Edition

The biggest update in the history of the popular spinoff from Dungeons & Dragons finally dropped over the weekend. The new edition refines the rules with the goal of making it more accessible without sacrificing the depth hardcore players expect from the role-playing game. You can learn more here.

A flood of Star Wars expansions

Fantasy Flight announced expansions for three different Star Wars tabletop games. Fans of the Clone Wars, X-Wings, and the Imperial Fleet have no shortage of new content to be excited about.

The arrival of Marvel Champions

Fantasy Flights latest living card game, the publisher’s variant on more traditional collectible card games, features a familiar set of characters to comic book fans. Here’s the official description of Marvel Champions.

Rhino rampages through the streets of New York. Klaw peddles illegal weapons to the world’s most dangerous criminals. Ultron threatens global annihilation. The world needs champions to stop these villains. Are you up to the task?

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Marvel Champions: The Card Game Core Set, a cooperative Living Card Game® of super heroics for one to four players!

Marvel Champions: The Card Game sees players taking on the roles of iconic heroes from the Marvel Universe as they try to stop infamous villains from enacting their devious schemes. With over 350 cards, 100 tokens, five hit point trackers, and more, the Marvel Champions: The Card Game Core Set gives you everything you need to start your journey in the Marvel Universe, letting you play as Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Black Panther, or She-Hulk, combining your powers with your fellow heroes to take down the rampaging Rhino, the cunning Klaw, or the utterly terrifying Ultron! 

These Gen Con announcements leave us a lot to look forward to in the world of tabletop and card games in the coming months!


  1. Also, Cubicle 7 apparently announced some new information regarding their second edition of The One Ring Roleplaying Game, though I have been having trouble accessing the story on their site. There were some new art reveals and news that there will be a deluxe, slipcase version of the core book.

  2. Actually, it looks like the original summary has been taken down from C7’s site. I guess it will be rewritten or reformatted.

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