Achewood Television Trailer One “Hello, world” from therussians on Vimeo.

After a long, lonely world without the seminal webcomic ACHEWOOD, creator Chris Onstad busted out a big rainbow of hope yesterday with the epic news that he’s been working on an animated series. He even gave us a clip of his efforts, above. And from there, to the big show:

I’m flying to Los Angeles today to begin a week of network pitch meetings. If things go well, we’ll find a home for our show. Please cross your fingers for us, send us your good energy. And please, share this clip with your world. I’m very proud of what we’ve done. 

There are many other things I want to share with you. About Achewood, about this, about all the loose ends, and about my plans for it going forward. This is the tip and the bulk of the iceberg, but there is much more. It’s been a very busy couple years, full of life-size tragedies, manifold germinations of happiness, and surprising rebirths—just like Achewood. But all in due time. For now, please enjoy this new form our momentary diversion on the road to the grave has taken.

The surreal, poetic adventures of Ray Smuckles and company have been on a bumpy hiatus since 2011, with a few strips appearing here and there. The animation looks promising, however, so let’s keep those fingers very crossed.


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