Wild party man Andrew W.K. is known for his high energy rockin’ anthems, his white attire…and now that he is a Brony. It seems that he has signed on as a speaker for Canterlot Gardens, an Ohio convention for My Little Pony Fans, where he’ll deliver an inspirational speech.

The singer – who, in the single ‘Party Hard’, paid tribute to the benefits of debauchery – will feature on a panel answering the question “What Would Pinkie Pie Do?” Pinkie Pie is a party-planning pink horse who features in the My Little Pony animated show Friendship Is Magic, of course.

According to Pitchfork, a press statement says that Andrew WK is the “the real life embodiment” of the party pony. He’ll give motivational tips on how to “make your job as fun as your party, and your party as important as your job.”

The event, entitled Canterlot Gardens, will be held in Strongville, Ohio, September 28-30.

Bronies are male fans of the Friendship is Magic Ponies, a strange gender-crossing cult whose purpose, meaning and ultimate goals have never truly been analyzed, That WK has been revealed as one of them is…disturbing.

2012, people, 2012. The Mayans must have had a name for it.


  1. I just love blatantly obvious negative generalizations by people who haven’t seen the show are.

    First off, Bronies are no more a “cult” than trekkies are. (I guess you could argue that if you wanted to)

    Second, the reason people find it disturbing is because they do next to no research and assume things. And you know what happens when you assume. That, or they purposefully look for people that match the description they came up with in their heads or heard somewhere on the internet.

    Third, I do understand why some people have problems with Bronies, them being so overzealous and such, but you want to know what fuels it? The gross hypocritical statements people feel they absolutely NEED to make about them, and the hate.

    Well… anyway now that i’m done raging, it is pretty cool that Andrew W.K. is a Brony. Props for promoting the breaking of gender stereotypes.

  2. The Five Stages of Geek:
    1) Denial. “Me? A fan of My Little Pony? You high?”

    2) Anger. “Hey! Stop making fun of us! You don’t know us!”

    3) Bargaining. “You don’t make fun of my MLP variants, I won’t judge you on your Star Wars fanfiction.”

    4) Depression. “Ah, man, My Little Pony really jumped the shark when Shining Armor got married. And now all these celebrities think it’s so cool.”

    5) Acceptance. “I kinda like all the cool stuff that’s available now. But I’m not as excited about it as I used to be.”

    A good article, not just on bronies, but about fandom in general.

    Heh… “pegasisters”!

  3. Given this news, I have to wonder what he thinks of the MLP fan video ‘Cupcakes HD’ on YouTube, since it uses one of his songs from ‘I Get Wet’ to perfect effect.