Andre the Giant has a graphic novel — and now a cover

Andre graphic novel cover

Box Brown’s Andre the Giant: Life and Legend GN bio promises to be a sympathetic look at one of the greatest sports entertainment personalities of all times, and the cover has just been released over on Grantland, which also interview Brown:

In many ways, we all have extraordinary circumstances thrust upon us in life and it’s up to us to do the best with them. That’s what I get out of Andre’s story. I empathized with him. We all have a ticking clock above our heads, but Andre’s clock ticked much faster and more precisely. But there’s definitely a delicate line you have to walk in telling someone else’s story that’s not quite as delicate in telling your own story. I think when I’m working on a personal story there’s less pressure to try to get it exactly right. When working on Andre’s story I was really trying to be careful. I tried to put myself in Andre’s shoes, which is difficult given the extraordinary nature of his life.

Brown’s promises to look at both sides of wrestling — the kayfabe and the constructed reality in his bio.

Andre the Giant: Life and Legend comes out next spring from First Second.

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