Andre graphic novel cover

Box Brown’s Andre the Giant: Life and Legend GN bio promises to be a sympathetic look at one of the greatest sports entertainment personalities of all times, and the cover has just been released over on Grantland, which also interviews Brown:

In many ways, we all have extraordinary circumstances thrust upon us in life and it’s up to us to do the best with them. That’s what I get out of Andre’s story. I empathized with him. We all have a ticking clock above our heads, but Andre’s clock ticked much faster and more precisely. But there’s definitely a delicate line you have to walk in telling someone else’s story that’s not quite as delicate in telling your own story. I think when I’m working on a personal story there’s less pressure to try to get it exactly right. When working on Andre’s story I was really trying to be careful. I tried to put myself in Andre’s shoes, which is difficult given the extraordinary nature of his life.

Brown promises to look at both sides of wrestling–the kayfabe and the constructed reality in his bio.

Andre the Giant: Life and Legend comes out next spring from First Second.


  1. Hopefully, they’ll devote a lot of space to Andre’s 1970s career which was spent as a “touring special attraction”. During this time, Andre traveled from one territory to another, making special appearances to face the area’s top heel, or teaming with the local top face in a tag team against a pair of heels. As someone who grew up during the territorial era of the mid-late 70s, news of this project sure brings back a ton of good memories.

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