The BBC played out the announcement of the new Doctor — the 12th iteration and 13th generation of the beloved SF character. Anglophiles and Whovians are at this moment being treated to a “stand by” on the US feed! WTF?

* And Now Zoe Ball is out to present…

— and it’s early favorite Peter Capaldi, an older more urbane Doctor type. Change is the constant. Capaldi was playing Cardinal Richelieu and had his phone on silent when he heard he got the role…and just made reference to going “full anorak.” Oh yes, this is a different Doctor. Scottish-born Capaldi is 55, an Oscar and BAFTA award-winning filmmaker and actor—he won the Oscar for Best Short Film in 1995 for his short, Franz Kafka’s It’s a Wonderful Life.

As a Whovian observer and non-expert, I’m wondering how all the legions of cosplaying fans will react to a Doctor with “gravitas.”


  1. Another middle class English guy – what a surprise.


    I was really hoping they’d cast differently racially. Not that race matters – but it would be a nice change, especially in science fiction where it’s generally caucasian guys in lead roles (I can only think of Avery Brooks as Captain Sisko being not that). Or what about a woman in the role?

    As a Brit myself, I get tired of the need of the BBC to keep selling middle-class’ness on television, as though that’s the only way for the world to see the UK. There’s so much going on in this country, but it’s never represented properly. (Okay, rant over).

  2. He was born in Glasgow in Possilpark, hardly the most salubrious part of that not very salubrious city, so to say he was a middle class Englishman is correct except that he’s neither English nor middle class. At least the man bit was right.

    he’s a brilliant actor, a really nice man and a Dr Who fan – so fabulous choice

  3. Haven’t watched much of Dr. Who but I will definitely check out the next series with Peter Capaldi. I’ve liked his characters starting with his role in Local Hero.

  4. “especially in science fiction where it’s generally caucasian guys in lead roles”

    Edward James Olmos in BATTLESTAR: GALACTICA.

  5. I know many would have preferred a Doctor of different race or gender, but I can’t think of a better choice than Capaldi. And he is already connected to the Whoniverse, having been featured in the 3rd series of Torchwood (he gave a typically excellent performance as a government civil servant tasked as liaison to the alien force).

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