Jack Hunter’s sure-to-be-iconic cover for next week’s New Yorker hits so many notes…it’s what makes The New Yorker the New Yorker. But it was originally submitted via Tumblr for one of art director Francoise Mouly’s cover contests and had a different context.

Still…it’s perfect for this moment. Enjoy the weekend with whomever you love, faithful readers.


  1. This is an awesome cover illustration, but as gay man and probably one of the biggest Henson fans in Canada (more than a third of body is covered in Muppet themed tattoos), I hate the forced idea of Bert and Ernie being a gay couple. It doesn’t gel with anything outside of people’s need to force a point of view on something without getting super familiar. If you need any rational to see it, no gay couple in a million years is going to sleep in separate beds in the same room.

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