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Over the last few weeks, Comixology’s role within parent company Amazon has gotten much stronger: Amazon is now part of the CX logo, you can log in to Comixology with your Amazon account, and as a couple of people pointed out,  purchasing a book from Comixology is now linked directly from the main entry for a book. In the past, the options were for print, audio and Kindle, but the digital buy button now is a single link for Kindle and Comixology.

That’s pretty huge, and something we’ve all been waiting to see. You can port over your Kindle books to Comixology’s app and read them in Guided view, too. The move was mentioned on Twitter,

and there’s a FAQ on what happens when you merge your Amazon and Comixology accounts.

Once, merged, we’ll move over many (and possibly all) of your Kindle Comics purchases to your comiXology account. We are working toward having all your Kindle-purchased comics, graphic novel, and manga readable on comiXology. When new books are added, we’ll shoot you an email.You can view books that come over from Kindle Comics in a new Smart List, “From Kindle.”

Via Johanna, whose writeup is way more succinct than anything I could write. But bottom line: even more digital comics will be sold via Amazon now.

Reminder: Comixology continues to give away a free comic every day!