Well, to no one’s surprise, Almost Human, the SF show about two guys driving around talking about their nads, has been cancelled by Fox. Although it launched with strong ratings—and was the fourth most popular new drama of the last season—Fox declined to pick up the JJ Abrams-production, even though the follow-up program, The Following, which had similar ratings, will go to a third season.

While I haven’t seen any behind the scenes reports, watching the show made it clear that Fox didn’t know what to do with it. They aired all the episodes out of order, switching from a heavily-storyline oriented show to a more routine police procedural with futuristic trappings (including liberal use of images and even sound stings from Blade Runner). The cost of the SFX also varied wildly as the season progressed. One thing that didn’t change was the great chemistry of the cast, though, and that’s what made it a favorite at Stately Beat Manor, as at other nerdly households. Not enough, alas. Plus of course, Karl Urban, who is a born leading man for TV or PS3 or Amazon or whatever you’re watching. Apparently he didn’t like the weekly grind of making a TV show, though, so I think it will be a little while before we see him back on a weekly basis. Sigh.

There is a petition to bring the show back at, so if it makes you feel better go sign it.



  1. I liked the show enough… it had potential and you could tell they were trying to come up with unique concepts and plots. It’s just one of those things where not all shows can be a success.

  2. One of the few modern tv shows that i have really enjoyed. They need to bring this show. Rudy, Kennex, even the crazy hacker…all these characters are so amazing and need to be further developed.

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