Seriously. I feel like it is New Year’s Day again now that you-know-what is over. I can clean the closets, file things away, start NEW projects and just get on with life. BONUS: Comic-Con was so early this year that I actually have five weeks of summer left! Next year, it will be back to normal, held July 18-21 with Preview Night on July 17th.

As befits a hangover, I’m trying really hard not to drag out our coverage any more. One or two more panel reports that were in the queue, and my own wrap-up. Commensurate with the month long frenzy of build-up, everyone wants to forget about it as soon as possible when it’s over. The one exception may be an ongoing listing of panel audio; every year, so many great panels; they really deserve wider dissemination. But after tomorrow, NO MORE COMIC-CON POSTS. Promise.

Speaking of new projects, one of the ways I’m getting on with my life is getting back to fixing up the Beat! A redesign and server move is underway that should patch up the database so there aren’t any more nasty crashes whenever there’s the merest traffic surge. My jerry-rigged fix before the con actually held up during the show, despite traffic going up 50%. The fix did not stand up to the getting home wave on the Tuesday after the show, which I accurately predicted would be the biggest day of all. It’s really funny how everyone gets home and hits the Beat (and other sites) first thing in the morning to see what actually happened.

Anyway, I’m tanned, rested, and ready to pick up the pieces of my life. Moving on.