…well, we’ll know by then I suppose. On Facebook, DC co-publisher revealed that all three weekly series will have a similar stopping point.

Dan DiDio Batman Eternal started this April and runs to next March after which it takes a brief hiatus, Futures End starts this May and ends the last week of March 2015, and Worlds End starts in October and ends the same week as the others next March, hope that clears things up. Thanks DD

Hm, maybe all this “World’s END” and “Future’s END” stuff is a clue. ( But Batman is ETERNAL.) It’s worth noting that this is right around the time DC relocates to the West Coast, so maybe everything will just end and DC will publish Big Bang Theory Comics. Or maybe a new Crisis is coming. Or everything will be daily webcomics. Or…maybe it is just a scheduling thing. Stay tuned!


  1. Nothing against DiDio personally, but if that move heralded the end of the New 52, the retun of the old 52 and his exit from the company, I would start buying DC comics again. Just sayin.’

  2. And when does Multiversity end?
    I’m hoping for a multiverse, like what was planned before the New 52. It would help solve DC’s backlist problems.

  3. I hope when all of the smoke clears DC keeps the multiverse and is publishing titles on different Earths. Personally, I believe this has always been one of DC’s strengths. We know since the early months of the New 52, Earth 1 (the JL’s Earth) and Earth 2 have been on a collision course.

    So sayeth the Gospel of Geoff Johns!

  4. I’m thinking “scheduling thing”. Or some sort of special month kinda like Villains Month where the content has nothing to do with the ongoing series and is by other creators so they can get it all done early. That way they aren’t trying to produce comics at the same time they are moving.

  5. Man, I hope there is a multiversal restoration–with previous iterations of the DCU on their own worlds. I don’t mind the spotlight being on alternate versions of the characters if we get to see the married Lois and Clark, the Wally West we all knew, and others acknowledged as still being out there in their own world. We might even be able to get a new more classic-style DCU for classic-liking and younger readers, with the harder-edged New 52 still going on, like the Ultimate Universe and 616.

  6. What everyone else has been saying x1,000,000.

    DC52 has been one long fight scene with almost no character development – and where there has been character development, it’s generally been bad – a jerk Superman, a crazy Wonder Woman… Really only Batman has come out of this well.

    But cancelling the Legion for yet another Justice League.. ugh. That’s where I went full Marvel and Indie.

    Unfortunately, even though there were broad hints that all of the DC52 was a setup for a final battle then a reversion to the pre-Flashpoint continuity – I’m not holding my breath.

  7. Well considering the old DC in the year before was very poor and the same people are in charge/writing drawing I don’t see much difference in going back to the old DC or continuing with the new. Poor story telling either way.

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