Alex Segura Rejoins Archie Comics – as Publicist and as Editor

Archie have announced that Alex Segura has rejoined their company as Senior Vice-President for Publicity and Marketing… as well as in a new role as editor for the Red Circle line of superhero titles. He moves to Archie from DC Comics.


A well-liked – he’s always been nice to me – publicist, Segura has made this move before. A few years back he moved from DC Comics to Archie, before returning to DC a few years later. And now he’s headed back to Archie, perhaps as a result of their imminent move to LA next year or maybe just because he missed Sabrina the Teenage Witch. In his new role, he joins Steven Scott – who has also always been nice to me – as part of Archie’s PR department.

At the same time, he’s also now been announced as editor for the Archie superheroes – a role which will include talent outreach as well as handling the books themselves. Everybody send him your pitches!  In the press release, he says:

I couldn’t be happier to be back in Riverdale. Not only will I have the chance to get people talking about Archie, Jughead and the entire gang — characters I grew up reading — but I’ll also get to have a hand in revamping some of the coolest superhero characters ever created with Red Circle. I’m very thankful to Jon Goldwater for the opportunity. I can’t wait to reconnect with some old friends and get to work.

If you remember his last stint at Archie – where he wrote a few comics too, I believe – you’ll be aware that this is great news for the company.

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