There’s a new Jason Shiga comic!

It’s called Demon and it seems to be about a guy with powers. Granted it’s only six pages in—but it already promises twists and turns and more of that Jason Shiga magic.

If you know who Jason Shiga is, you are already rushing to the link and reading the comic.

If you don’t…boy are you in for a treat. Shiga is the great formalist storyteller of comics. Okay that sounded boring. How about this: In Fleep, a webcomic which you can read right now, a man wakes up and finds himself encased in a phone booth buried in cement. Using only a phone book in a foreign language and a handful of change, he has to escape. It’s Buried only smarter and more interesting.

Shiga is also the author of Meanwhile, the choose your own adventure book told with tabs that features 100,000+ possible story lines all based on what kind of ice cream you chose at the beginning. Some roads lead to comedy, others to death. It’s been adapted into a web app, won an Eisner and has sold a ton of copies.

A mathematics teacher when he isn’t making comics, Shiga’s work features minamalist art but fully developed stories that feature locked room mysteries and ingenious deductions. They are amazing.

Shiga has been working on Demon for three years, he writes:

Can’t talk too much about it yet but if you’re wondering why I haven’t put out a new book out in a while, it’s because I’ve been hard at work on a top secret project for the past 3 years.

I’ll start posting pages every weekday starting Monday. Check back here for more info about the project itself. And in the meantime, enjoy the poster.


And for more Shiga news, see the next item.


  1. Haha! Shiga is great! For a hot second I thought your other news story about “Shiga on X-Men” was about Jason Shiga instead of James Shiga — which is something I would have killed to see happen.

    But this is even better, in my opinion.

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