By Gabriel Neeb

After nearly twenty years of publication, Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill are bringing their series, THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN to a close with a fourth volume entitled THE TEMPEST.

Although the series began at Wildstorm Studios, this final volume will be published through Top Shelf Productions.
The final volume will be comprised of six issues to be published bi-monthly beginning in June 2018 and scheduled to end in June 2019, the 20th Anniversary year of the first volume’s publication.
When reached for comment, Chris Staros commented that “We’re really excited about it,” and that once the six issues of the series are complete, a hardcover collection is expected to follow.
Staros confirmed that the first issue has been completed and is currently being colored. Kevin O’Neill is hard at work at the second issue.
Taking its subtitle from William Shakespeare’s final play (and Moore friend Neil Gaiman’s final SANDMAN story), The Tempest is said to range from the time periods of the Jacobean era to the future of the year 2996 and a ruined earth.
When pressed about whether or not famed League annotator Jess Nevins would be provided with advance copies to get a head start on what is sure to be an exhaustive task cataloging all the references Moore and O’Neill will cram into the volume, Staros was quick to state that there would be no advance copies distributed to anybody. The press copies would go out when the retail copies shipped.