Many “second printing” PR emails are sent out, and many can be ignored, but once in a while one really does say something. Such is the news that Ahoy Comics’ The Wrong Earth #2 is sold out at Diamond and going back to press.

Ahoy is one of the unlikeliest of the recent comics company launches, so having a sell-out is a nice coup for the fledgling publisher.

According to our sources, Diamond will open orders for the second printing today. Monday 10/29 is the cutoff for stores to place “initial” orders and Wednesday 11/21 is the in-store date for the reprint.

And here’s the solicit text:

SECOND PRINTING of the sold-out second issue! This second print features a different-colored logo and is timed to coincide with the release of issue #3.

The saga of two world-swapped heroes continues as, on gritty Earth-Omega, the cheerful Dragonflyman faces off against corrupt, violent police. Meanwhile, the naïve authorities of colorful Earth-Alpha enrage the grim Dragonfly. EXTRA FEATURE! Dragonflyman and Stinger confront the dastardly menace called NIMBY! Plus a text story by Kek-W, illustrated by Carol Lay!

Ahoy in general has been getting good notices. Such as this about THE WRONG EARTH from our buddies at Graphic Policy:

“The first issue was fantastic, the second is just as amazing… This is seriously some of your best value for your money when it comes to comics and this publisher is at another level.” – Graphic Policy

With writing by Tom Peyer and art by Jamal Igle, though, The Wrong Earth has a durable and reliable team – so perhaps no surprise that the book has found an audience. Plus Carol Lay! Also, Ahoy wlll always have a friend at the Beat because…we just like saying Ahoy as much as possible. A good name choice there.

And here is the special second printing cover!

WrongEarth_02_REPRINT_cover (2)


  1. According to Comichron the first issue of Wrong Earth shipped 8251 copies to retailers, ranking at 212 which I guess is counted a success these days. If you set your print run to be small then of course you can say “Squeee look at us, we need a second printing”.

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