So ABC picked up the Joss Whedon produced AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. TV thinger dinger. I know you were totally in suspense over whether that would happen or not. Evidently they already had some idea they would do the right thing, because they have already launched a viral site for the show called The Rising Tide which purports to investigate SHIELD activities with viraly vids of shadowy Hulks and out of focus Iron Mans. That’s one way to keep the budget down. Smart!

And here’s the first trailer!

And the cast photo!
In case you’re wondering about that trailer, Graeme McMillan has a literal second-by second breakdown here. Is that Luke Cage I see? Speculation is that Whedon Angel alum J. August Richards seen jumping off the building in the promo, may be playing him.

And Agent Coulson is alive. Now how the heck did that happen?

ABC is announcing its fall schedule later today (or maybe by the time you read this) and you’ll know what night to set your DVR for.

Seriously, this could be the best Marvel TV show since that Doctor Strange tv movie in 1978.


  1. YES, HEIDI! That Doctor Strange movie was actually pretty good. That upstart Harry Potter could learn a thing or two from that movie.

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