Returnability isn’t a panacea for comics publishers, but it doesn’t hurt either. AfterShock has become the latest publisher to institute a generous returnability program. In this case, all the #1 issues for the remainder of 2018 will be fully returnable. In addition for first issues whose FOC date has passed, second issues will be returnable.

“We believe strongly in all of our titles and creators as critical response to them and our company continues to grow,” said Steve Rotterdam, AfterShock’s SVP of Sales and Marketing in a statement. “We recognize and appreciate the challenges faced by comic shop retailers and want to make it easier for them to order our titles and for readers to discover them. The reorder activity on our most recent number ones clearly indicates that demand is exceeding supply on shelf.”

“The comic shop retail community has been asking for an incentive program like this from us for a while,” added Joe Pruett, AfterShock’s Publisher and CCO. “We’re happy that we’re at a point in our growth as a company where we can oblige – and this is just one element in a comprehensive marketing program that we’ve developed and are methodically testing and implementing. We’re excited to deepen our partnership with retailers in a joint effort to deliver thought-provoking entertainment to fans and readers hungry for great stories told by master storytellers.”

The program goes into effect immediately with eligible titles hitting a Final Order Cutoff date of August 20th – which includes Moth & Whisper #1, as well as Hot Lunch Special #2 and Volition #2.

AfterShock joins Boom, Dark Horse and DC (off the top of my head) as publishers with pretty wide ranging returnability programs on first issues. It’s certainly a sound practice to get retaielrs to take notice. MOTH_AND_WHISPER_01_COVa_400dpi.jpg


  1. DC doesn’t appear to have a book that was returnable from the initial solicit (by searching from the “order form notes” field) in more than a year — WILDSTORM #3 was the last book that pops, which shipped 4/18

    At the last minute they made MAN OF STEEL partially returnable, but that seemed to be because the initial orders came in significantly below expectations.


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