There might a bit of a scheduling snafu over at Marvel with the publisher’s Spider-Man ongoing series featuring Miles Morales in the starring role. Writer Brian Michael Bendis (House of M) took to twitter to explain why the series has been late, stating that Miles Morales co-creator Sara Pichelli (Spider-Men) needs more time than a week to draw an isse.

“I think one of the reasons you like it is because of the time it takes to make it. so to get something as special as Sara’s artwork she needs the month. and that’s okay with me,” said Bendis. “The new issue will be coming up very soon I think it’s rather subtly the best issue we have done together.

Newsarama had more details on the story including that issue #6 of Spider-Man will be drawn by Nico Leon (Ms. Marvel) and is still set to be a Civil War tie-in. Additionally, the publisher just released additional information to the outlet confirming what Bendis is saying above in that Pichelli will be returning to the series at a later date. Take a look at the solicitation for issue #6:

• Miles Morales has only been in the Marvel Universe for a few weeks, and he’s already finding himself in the middle of a war.
• Which side will Miles choose?!
32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

Reading between the lines of the issue, it is possible to infer as Newsarama has that Bendis could be saying that Spider-Man might be moving towards a bi-monthly schedule to keep the co-creator of the character working on the interior art duties of the series. Pichelli’s knack for wonderful facial expressions and unique, expressive art is unmatched in the industry–making it clear why Marvel is interested in keeping the artist on the book with an altered deadline going forward.


This next issue of Spider-Man is a Civil War II tie-in, it will be interested to see where Spidey’s allegiances will lie in the Marvel Comics event series. Early promotional artwork features Morales siding against Sam Wilson, Captain America–meaning that Morales may be on Captain Marvel’s radical future-changing team. Having the character fight against the authority figure of the All-New, All-Different Avengers team should brew for some excellent conflict. Hopefully the motivation for the different characters in the story will be present.

Civil War II #1 debuts in July followed by Spider-Man #6, which is currently scheduled in July–the upcoming fourth issue is shipping later on this month.


  1. Oy, some questionable reporting here. The fan asked about a bi-weekly (twice monthly) schedule, and Bendis says Pichelli needs a full month, at least. Who is saying anything about publishing the book bi-monthly, or six times a year?

    Spider-Man will have other artists for several issues, and Pichelli will get another arc later, just like almost every other Marvel series, and the eventual omnibus collections will probably be entitled “Spider-Man by Bendis,” because Marvel knows by now that in most cases it can build series and collections around speedy writers much more easily and profitably than it can around slow artists.

    I’d be all for the idea bi-monthlies as a reader, but the chances that today’s Marvel would shift a successful ongoing book to a significantly slower regular schedule just so a meticulous artist could have a continuous run on the series are about zero.

    (late books like Karnak or Secret Wars notwithstanding)

  2. “stating that Miles Morales co-creator Sara Pichelli (Spider-Men) needs more time than a week to draw an isse.”

    What’s an “isse”?

    I would hope it takes Pichelli more than a week to draw an issue. Even fast comic artists generally need a month per issue. A week per issue would be even faster than John Romita Jr. Not that I’m comparing Pichelli to Romita Jr. Pichelli is a great artist and Romita Jr. is a guy who draws people that looks like anorexic skyscrapers and calls it a day.

  3. “Pichelli’s knack for wonderful facial expressions and unique, expressive art is unmatched in the industry”


    She’s a damn good artist, but nothing she does is “unmatched.,” There are dozens of artists just as capable of taking over the book who are just as detailed, and some are faster.

    Stop sucking the corporate cock.

  4. Not that I’m comparing Pichelli to Romita Jr. Pichelli is a great artist and Romita Jr. is a guy who draws people that looks like anorexic skyscrapers and calls it a day.

    Wrong. Just because JRjr. can meet his deadlines and has DECADES of being a solid, professional comic book artist but his art doesn’t appeal to you, you imply he’s a hack?

  5. Kevin Maguire is great with facial expressions. Maybe he could draw every other story arc? I understand he needs the work…

  6. It’s common practice for a different artist to take over duties for 1 (or even 2) issue in between arcs to give the regular some time to get ahead of the work. This doesn’t mean they’re shifting the schedule to fit Pichelli’s completely reasonable pace.

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