SLEEPER, tone of several series by the dynamic duo of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips is in production again, this time with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck producing. Shawn Ryan, of The Shield and David Wiener of The Killing are set to write the screenplay.

Set in the Wildstorm universe, the tale involves an undercover agent who is impervious to pain. Brubaker and Phillips are currently collaborating on the Image series Fatale, but they previously worked on Scene of The Crime, Criminal and probably something I’m forgetting.

Sleeper has awoken Hollywood interest many times before; at one point Sam Raimi and Tom Cruise were set to make it. Let’s hope this time it takes!


  1. Yeah, I’d probably go with Incognito first as well, although both Criminal and Fatale would be great choices as well. Criminal I believe is in the works, but I haven’t heard anything about Fatale.

  2. Where does this giant hand originate from? I’ve seen this same design element appearing on other comic covers.

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