DC Comics announced the Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent miniseries back in October at New York Comic Con. The new title, writer Tom Taylor and artist Clayton Henry‘s relaunch of the Superman: Son of Kal-El series, was teased as finding Jon recruited by the Supermen of other worlds to help investigate who is killing Kal-Els across the multiverse. Today the full scope of the series was revealed further, as in an interview at dc.com series writer Taylor revealed that Jon Kent will travel to the world of the Injustice video game and comics.

Along with the interview, DC has also revealed the covers for the first two issues of Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent with full trade-dress and Injustice teasers.

In the interview, Taylor described his thought process around revisiting the world of Injustice, and how Jon traveling there plays into the larger miniseries:

Injustice for me is a very troubled time. I had so much fun on that book. Obviously, I was on it for years. I think I was originally hired for fifteen chapters, and I wrote over 150. But there’s a lot about Injustice that rubs me up the wrong way. I don’t believe Superman, no matter what happens to him, can become that person. I don’t believe Wonder Woman becomes that person. So, for me, it’s a really interesting Elseworld, and throwing Jon Kent as sort of that beacon of hope and in a way, quite an innocent character and a character who wants the best for the world, throwing him into that world where his father has become a dictator gives us so much to play with. I’ve been talking about this story to all my friends who will listen for months, long before we knew where we were going with this.

We already knew that Jon was going to meet at least one evil Superman in the pages of Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent. The series is slated to have him finally face off against Ultraman, the evil Superman of Earth-3, who notably held a young Jon hostage for years, resulting in the controversial aging-up of Jon from Superboy to Superman in the pages of Brian Michael Bendis and Ivan Reis‘s Superman run. Another previously-Taylor-written Superman, Val-Zod of the New 52 Earth-2 series, will also play a major role in the series.

Check out the full interview with Tom Taylor about the impending Injustice crossover over on DC’s siteAdventures of Superman: Jon Kent #1 (of 6) is due out in stores and digitally on Tuesday, March 14th. Final order cut-off date for the issue is next Sunday, February 12th.