Chew, the multi-awarding comic arrives at the halfway point in the series and hits comic stands this Wednesday.  The Beat gives you the advanced (spoiler free) review of Chew #30 the bonus-sized wedding issue with a wicked awesome free tri-fold poster for no cost.


For those of you who haven’t heard of Chew, here’s the fifteen second elevator pitch; “it is a story about an FDA Agent who solves crimes by getting psychic impressions by eating things, including people.”  Chew is currently in development to be adapted in to a Showtime original series. I think it would play nicely after bloody episode of Dexter, especially this issue.

The writing for Chew has been constantly stellar and fun to read.  He has made me care so much about the characters and loves to abuse that. If you were surprised by Colby’s “death” in the first issue, then prepare to revisit that feeling all over again with issue #30.  This is the best and most memorable Toni Chew issue ever.  John Layman proving once again that he’s a heartless monster that hates his characters!

Rob Guillory is the only artist that can draw this book.  His style is perfect and so enjoyable to read. The re-readable factor is high because throughout the book Rob sneaks little messages and Easter eggs in his art work.  Be sure to look out for funny signs on the walls and a picture of Christian Bale from American Psycho.  Guillory nails the scene with Toni (Tony’s sister) and her captor, makes for one of the most intense scene I have read in this series.

This milestone issue makes me excited and dreading for what’s to come.  No character is safe at any given moment on this book.  This is a great jumping on point for someone who has never read an issue and a will remind regular readers why it’s in their pull list.  Also good issue for retailers to suggest your customers that are enjoying Layman’s run on DC’s Detective Comics and IDW’s Mars Attacks!

I give it four out of four served fingers and two thumbs up.



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