03 Abyss Kaluta Thehunter
From Golden Age Comic Book Stories:
The SF anthology ABYSS by Berni Wrightson, Jeff Jones, Michael Kaluta, & Bruce Jones.

Even though we randomly link to GACBS, every day is just as good.


  1. GACBS is a site that I visit daily. It brings rarely seen work from well-known artists to light, and more importantly the
    site brings attention to books, portfoliios, illustrations, comics and artists of which I new little or nothing. I can’t tell you how often I have immediately sought and bought something after seeing it for the first time in these posts.

    As usual, today I went to GACBS, drank in the splendor of the ABYSS-Wrightsons,Kaluta, and Jonesx2 posting. And next as I usually do, visited The Beat. So glad you post edthe link, and just want to reiterate that indeed, “everyday is just as good.”