Even though we really wanted to finish our SD09 report yesterday — and if our communiques are to be believed, literally SEVERAL people are still waiting for it — we had some images we needed to put in to make it ever-so-special and frankly, we couldn’t lift a finger anymore. Just typing this required an IV of pure espresso. After a month solid of non stop work, it’s all we can do to crawl that last yard over the finish line. but we’ll make it somehow.

We know that was the kind of unprofessional, personal, diary-like entry that we’re not supposed to do as a would-be big-time blogger, but…fuck it.

Speaking of blogging, many more than several of you are concerned over what PW’s impending sale may mean for The Beat. In truth….for now…nothing. Just as a house gets spiffed up before prospective buyers come around, things will go on as normal until the sale is consummated. So for now, it’s business as usual.

That said, you don’t have to worry about The Beat going away, of that you can be sure.


  1. Relax, Heidi… It’s saturday in New York. Here’s how to do it:
    Take the #2 train to 72nd street.
    Stop at Freddie & Peppers for some awesome pizza.
    Get some chocolate-covered espresso beans from Jacque George.
    Dessert is found at Magnolia Bakery.
    Take all that to a shady spot in Central Park. (I recommend the Bowling Green just NNE of Tavern on the Green.)
    When ready to post, wander over to B&N at Lincoln Center and use their free Wi-Fi. (and notice the Marvel HCs in the Bargain department!) Perhaps even buy a few Criterion DVDs at 50%!

  2. Heck, Heidi, I thought your fingers would be dancing across the keyboard as you anticipated getting the last images put in. Of course, then you might have thought about that wonderful cup of espresso and turned off the computer before clicking on “Save.”