Back in 2018, Dark Horse Comics released a hyper-detailed, super-poseable 1:12 scale action figure of Mike Mignola‘s signature creation, Hellboy, via their Dark Horse Direct retail site. While that figure is long since sold out, Dark Horse today revealed another entry in their action figure line, this time of one of Hellboy’s most well-known allies, Abe Sapien.

Produced by 1000Toys, the action figure of the underwater hero is, like Hellboy before it, super-poseable, and includes an assortment of accessories and swappable hands. Unlike its predecessor, though, the Abe Sapien action figure also includes an entire second (albeit non-poseable) figure: Rasputin, one of Hellboy and Abe’s archnemeses. Rasputin will only be available with Abe Sapien through the Dark Horse Direct website; where the Abe figure without the villainous extra might be made available has not yet been announced.

Both the Hellboy figure that preceded it and the Abe Sapien figure look fantastic, with unobtrusive articulation that doesn’t distract from the striking look of the characters. The non-poseable Rasputing is more of a figurine than an action figure, but it’s a great value add for the Abe figure, and a smart way to get out a character who might not’ve been able to support a full-fledged figure of his own.

Check out a slew of photos of Abe and Rasputin below. With a retail price of $119.99, the 1:12 scale Abe Sapien collector’s action figure is available for pre-order now from Dark Horse Direct. This figure will be made to order based on pre-orders, and is expected to ship later this year.

Dark Horse Direct, creator Mike Mignola, and 1000Toys are back and proud to introduce the next member of the B.P.R.D. with Abe Sapien! As a follow-up to our best-selling 1/12th scale Hellboy Action Figure, this fully articulated Abe Sapien 1/12th scale action figure stands at approximately 6” tall and features removable vest, interchangeable hands, pistol, spear gun, and knife. The pistol and knife can be holstered on Abe’s belt when not in use. As a Dark Horse Direct exclusive, this figure will also include the archenemy of the B.P.R.D., a separate non-articulated Rasputin figure!

This version is exclusive to Dark Horse Direct and the edition size will be limited to the number of pre-orders taken in a one-time production run, never to be reproduced. Add this new paranormal investigator to your team and expand your very own B.P.R.D.!


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