Another zombie apocalypse story? Yeah yeah, it’s been done a lot, some good, some bad, and some in the middle. The best way for your zombie story to stand out, though, is to add a unique element. Like, say… magical zombie-fighting unicorns.

Created by Sam Bragg, Hooves of Death is quirky, colorful, and fun–not really the adjectives you’d typically use for a reanimated corpse tale. But here, the only thing ready to fight for humanity is a team of magical (and super pretty) creatures named Commander Sprinkles, Blaze, and Sergeant Glitter. 

The unicorns have created a safe haven for humanity and when things look bleak, they take on the task of finding food and fighting off hordes. They also have a magical protective barrier in place that they can breach, and when they find a person in danger, they easily spring into combat mode. And man does that horn come in handy!

As pretty and lighthearted as it all seems, there is a deeper story underneath as you get into the series. Are the unicorns able to help humanity and will the humans turn on these magical saviors (because people kind of suck sometimes)?

Hooves of Death updates on Webtoons every Friday. Begin reading here.

Hooves the Death


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